Family in Need of Treatment for 26-year-old son Abusing Opioids

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Alex* has been in and out of treatment since he was 17. He is a poly-substance abuser, but prefers opiates (commonly abused opiates include heroin, oxycodone, morphine). Alex has a pending court hearing for his addiction and needs a place to live in the meantime. His family contacted us desperately looking for programs to help get Alex clean so he can find a supportive place to live.


The first step is to get Alex off opiates. Many sober living and residential treatment programs (especially public services) will not take clients unless they have maintained a certain period of time abstinent from substances. Until Alex enters detox, he will not be able to find a stable living arrangement. This link provides a list of available detox services in the Calgary, AB area:

Sober Living

Once Alex is abstinence from opiates, he can apply to live in a Sober Living residence while he awaits his court hearing. Many residences are short-term (which is all Alex will likely need), but some do offer long-term stays for clients. Since Alex uses opiates, he may be on a methadone maintenance program. This unique need will dictate the programs available to Alex in the Calgary and Edmonton areas.

Secular Support Options

Fresh Start Recovery Centre
411 41 Ave. NE 
Calgary, AB T2E 2N4 Phone: (403) 387-6266 Fax: (403) 235-1532
 Website: Email:

Oxford House

204 – 1409 Edmonton Trail NE
 Calgary, AB T2E 3K8
Phone: (403) 214-2046  Calgary Outreach
Phone: (403) 287-8771 
Edmonton Outreach Phone: (780) 455-5106 

Has 5 houses for women and 19 houses for men. All houses can be accessed from the phone number provided above.

Recovery Acres Society (“1835 House”)
1835-27 Avenue SW
 Calgary, AB T2T 1H2
Phone: (403) 245-1196 Fax: (403) 244-4019

This facility is for males over 18 only. It is a 12-step abstinence-based program. Clients must be sober for a minimum of 5 days to qualify and must complete an in-person interview before admission. Clients must be able-bodied with no severe mental health conditions and do not have any future court appearances. In other words, this individual would not be able to attend this program until after his court hearing.

Faith-based Options

Centre of Hope – Addictions Recovery Program
Salvation Army 
420 9 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0R9 Phone: (403) 410-1111 or 410-1145 

This is a 36-bed residential program for men 18-60. It is a Christ-centered program using Biopsychosocial and spiritual approaches. Centre of Hope is a 90-day program and individuals must be sober for 5 days prior to admittance.

Teen Challenge Alberta
146024 – 208th St. W.
Priddis, AB T0L 1W0
Phone: (403) 931-3501 Toll-Free: 1(800) 856-8902
Fax: (403) 931-3853
Website: Email:

Teen Challenge Alberta is a mens-only residential, faith-based treatment program. A minimum 1-year stay is required.

Residential Treatment

The following programs are located in Alberta and funded through AHS. Private programs also exist, but at a much higher expense. These facilities specifically deal with medication misuse (e.g. prescription opioids/painkillers like Oxycodone) and Benzodiazepine dependence. We recommended these programs because they will provide Alex the specific support he needs to recover from opiates.

Claresholm Centre for Mental Health & Addictions Concurrent Disorders Program
PO Box 490
139 43 Avenue W, Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0
Phone: (403) 682-3520
Fax: (403) 625-4318
E-Mail: Website:

This is a specialized treatment program for adults experiencing chronic pain and addiction, medication misuse, or benzodiazepine dependence. A referral is required. It is suggested applicants call to determine if Claresholm is a suitable program for their needs.

Correctional Services Canada (Website:
This link is for CSC (correctional Services Canada) programs in the Prairie region. These programs may be ideal for individuals who cannot leave the province for legal reasons.

If Alex is able to stabilize himself on methadone and is required to attend treatment within the province, these programs accept clients on methadone maintenance or consider them on a case-by-case basis.

Programs accepting methadone-using clients on a case-by-case basis:

• Simon House Recovery Centre – Calgary
• Southern Alcare Manor – Lethbridge

Programs accepting clients stabilized on Methadone:

• Lander Treatment Centre – Claresholm
• Henwood Treatment Centre – Edmonton
• Recovery Acres Society – Edmonton/Calgary
• Alpha House – Edmonton/Calgary
• Northern Addictions Centre – Grand Prairie
• Bryce or Logan House – Ponoka


*Not his real name

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